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Our Vision


Trigr connects businesses with top quality creative talent


It’s important to have the right team of creative talent who can bring that emotion to life! Trigr’s Platform connects Artists and the Music Industry with experience creative freelancers.


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The Trigr story started with a freelance publicist in the music industry who needed to connect better. He wanted to connect with the right clients, whether they were musicians or record labels, but also he wanted to help his clients connect with other creative freelancers that they needed – like videographers, designers, and website gurus. 


“I’m proud to say all our freelancers on Trigr are vetted to ensure they meet clients’ requirements

Gavin Duffy, Founder


Personal recommendations limit you to your circle of contacts…

You can never truly tap into the full scale of work opportunities with a little black book. On the other hand, there are online marketplaces that offer an almost unlimited amount of freelancers to work with.

But without much of a vetting process, the quality of those services is often questionable; and there’s little to no trust or confidence in people you know nothing about. 


Freelancers and employers want a solution somewhere in the middle…

That’s where Trigr comes in. Trigr helps businesses connect and work with creative freelancers. It offers the speed and efficiency of an online marketplace, along with the trust and reassurance of a personal recommendation. 

Our pool of creative freelancers includes some of the best videographers, designers, marketers and more in the UK and Ireland.


Easy to Setup. Grab a coffee, ten minutes and join Trigr!

“I am amazed by the number of quality freelancers we found on the site. It took us very little time to find the right people that we are looking for. I am also very impressed by the professionalism expressed in communication and project planning.”

Trigr takes care of the hiring process from beginning to end. .

With more and more companies growing their freelance workforce, and more workers turning to freelance opportunities than ever before, Trigr is here to help make the right connections and ensure a clean, easy and fruitful collaboration for both sides of the process.



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