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First and foremost,

we’re a platform for creatives


The world is changing and you can too. Whether you’re a video-maker, graphic designer, photographer, animator, whatever… if you have a creative talent and want to find work, then you’re in the right place. Start your career, pull the Trigr.


We understand how it is. You’re a creative, you’re a freelancer, and you want to find new projects. You need somewhere you can expand, seek out those elusive opportunities and get in front of bigger clients in the creative industries. 



Businesses search Trigr to find the right freelancers for their project.

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Businesses will view your profile and get in touch if you're right for the job, now let’s get to work.


Trigr is simple and free…

There’s no upfront fees to sign up, simply register and set up your profile. Lay out your stall, tell us a little bit about yourself and show us your best work. Sorted!

“I am amazed by the number of quality freelancers we found on the site. It took us very little time to find the right people that we are looking for.”

Real paying jobs from real paying clients…

Empty promises of “exposure” are not allowed in our ecosystem. Likewise, there is no bidding system as with some other platforms as we believe this is harmful to the livelihood of freelancers and only accelerates a race to the bottom.



Easy to Setup. Grab a coffee, ten minutes and join Trigr!



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